Trader Acceleration Week
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Trader Acceleration Week

Become a More Confident and Consistent Trader in Just 5 Days!

Are you struggling with inconsistent returns? 
Sick of being battered by the markets and swayed by your emotions?  
Learn how to accelerate your trading journey through a structured, scientific, & systematic approach!

When Is It?

Date: March 10 - 14, 2024

                           (Mar 9-13, 2024 US EDT)

Session A... 8am Sydney (GMT +11)

                                   (5pm US Eastern)


Session B... 8pm Sydney (GMT +11)

                                   (5am US Eastern)

Duration: 60 minutes per day (5 days)
Location: LIVE Online
Cost: FREE

What Is It?
Trader Acceleration Week is a high-impact, 5-day LIVE online training program that brings clarity and structure to your trading journey. For 1 hour each day we will be focusing on one of the five stages of The Enlightened Stock Trader Journey, allowing you to transform from a novice to master trader.
Why Should You Attend?
  • Structured Learning: This isn't another disjointed training course. We offer a step by step, 5-day curriculum that takes you on the journey from launch to mastery.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Adrian Reid, the Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading who is a seasoned trader with over 20 years of consistent trading success across multiple international markets.
  • Proven Methods: We introduce you to systematic trading, algo trading, and stock trading systems that are based on objective rules, not emotions.
  • Exclusive Tools & Resources: Get access to downloadable cheatsheets, calculators, and valuable insights to empower your trading decisions.
  • ​Last Chance to Join: An exclusive membership announcement will be made on the last day. Don't miss this rare opportunity to join The Trader Success System.
What Will You Learn?
  • Day 1 - Trading System Basics
    Start your journey with a strong foundation in systematic (algo) trading.
    This will set you up to have the right process, avoid the major mistakes most traders make and ensure you remain in the game long term to compound your wealth.
  • Day 2 - Backtesting and System Validation
    Gain the confidence you need to navigate the markets by learning how to validate your trading systems.
    This will show you how to build unshakeable confidence in your trading approach so you know with certainty your edge is solid.
  • Day 3 - Portfolio Diversification
    Maximize your profits by understanding the power of trading across multiple systems and markets.
    This will ensure you smooth your returns no matter what the market is doing so that you don't spend too long in drawdown waiting for your market to recover.
Adrian Reid, 20+ Year Trading Veteran & 
Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading
  • Day 4 - Mastering Automated Trading
  • Discover how automation can free your time and improve your trading efficiency. This will show you how to eliminate execution mistakes and save 95% of the time your trading takes!
  • ​​Day 5 - Becoming a Trading Master
    Unlock advanced techniques for sustained success and stay tuned for an exclusive announcement!
    This will introduce you to the advanced analytics which will ensure you know exactly what to expect and how to deal with whatever happens in the markets.
Who Is This For?
This event is perfect if you're an aspiring trader who wants to improve, if you are coachable, and committed to achieving consistent trading success but feel like something crucial is still missing from your trading arsenal.
Ready To Transform Your Trading Journey?
Register now for Trader Acceleration Week and remember - you are only one trading system away from realizing your trading dreams.
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